Bundy sets a fine example

This Top 100 broker set up her own business after feeling limited in what she could offer brokers

Bundy sets a fine example

As director of her own brokerage and one of a handful of women who made it into MPA’s Top 100 for 2019, Holly Bundy has continued to make a positive impact in an industry fraught with change.

The Essendon-based broker spoke with MPA about her journey so far and how other female brokers can excel in the profession.

Breaking away from the bank

Bundy started out in the world of finance in 2008 after transitioning from a career in event management to a role at CBA.

In some ways, it was a natural fit for someone exposed to lending from an early age; her mother Lorraine working for the bank for many years.

“She was actually one of the first mobile lenders with Commonwealth Bank,” says Bundy.

 “I was probably predisposed to banking and lending from a really early age, strapped in the backseat of the car while Mum was on the phone doing mobile lending appointments.”

After moving to Bank of Melbourne, she began to feel limited in what she could offer her clients.

“I was a little bit stuck on how I could help my customers further because I only had one product for them.”

It was then she decided to set up her own business.

“It was purely out of wanting to develop my own career and be able to help my customers that I started the brokerage in 2013.”

By that stage, Lorraine had retired after 40 years on the job and found herself referring customers into the bank.

Bundy set up her own brokerage based on her own strong network of clients and referrals as well as that of her mother; Lorraine taking the role of business consultant within the company.

She says being able to successfully grow the business in a short period of time has been a big highlight in her career.

Winning the Commonwealth Bank Customer Service Award at the 2018 MFAA National Excellence Awards was another highlight for Bundy, as was helping all of her customers over the years.

Work, life and finding the right staff

One of the biggest challenges she faced in the early days of starting a business was finding the right resources in order to grow the company.

 “I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to the service that we offer our clients.”

“Finding people who could help me deliver on that while continuing to grow the business, I found really challenging.”

Maintaining a good work/life balance is another challenge that she is still working on.

“I work really long hours, so trying to get that work balance so I can go home at a reasonable hour and still deliver that service to our customers has been the most challenging thing that I’m still finding.”

Now that she is working from home due to the social isolation measures brought about by Covid-19, Bundy says she is able to strike that balance better.

“Even though I’m still working the same hours I’m actually able to have a bit more downtime throughout the day.”

“It’s given us the time to step back a little bit and focus on contacting our old client book and do those things we haven’t been able to do previously because we’ve been so busy rushing between appointments.”

She says the transition to working remotely was a smooth one for her and her staff because everything in the business is cloud based.

Confidence is key to success

In an industry where only a third of brokers are women, Bundy is one of a handful who made it into the Top 100 for 2019.

To female brokers who want to make it big, she says a little bit of confidence can go a long way.

“I think as females sometimes we can doubt our abilities.”

She says it’s important to get out there and have faith in your skills, despite the what-ifs that may come your way.

“It’s about having the confidence you can do it.”

“Put a plan in place and go for it.”