How consumers research mortgages – It matters and here's why

How consumers research mortgages – It matters and here's why

Consumers expect digital tools that allow them to research information 24/7. But with so many ways for them to go about this, do you know how your clients are researching mortgages? And why it’s essential to be aware of this? 

Unpacking consumer behavior can make the difference to your business becoming a go-to. 

This whitepaper from Legal and General provides new insight into consumer behaviors when researching and applying for a mortgage. In fact, over 1,000 consumers reveal how they were using digital tools to tap into answers. 

Download the report and learn about: 

  • The thought-provoking questions that can improve your business model and attract consumers 
  • What digital tools consumers are using and their importance   
  • How advisers can ultimately harness the power of technology   

Don’t miss on these essential insights and more – download your copy today. 

*This whitepaper is based on research undertaken by Trinity McQueen on behalf of Legal & General in December 2021.   


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