Zurich enhances protection range

The changes are designed to appeal to a wide range of advisers and their clients seeking life and critical illness cover.

Zurich is expanding the eligibility of its life and critical illness cover, enabling customers to benefit from life cover at older ages. The new enhancements include:

• Increasing the maximum eligibility age for term assurance applications from 65yrs to 83yrs

• Extending the upper age of term assurance policies from 69yrs to 84yrs

• Increasing the maximum eligibility age for critical illness applications from 69yrs to 74yrs

• Extending the upper age of critical illness policies form 69 yrs to 74yrs

• Increasing the maximum term for life cover to fifty years

Commenting on these latest developments, Gerry Warner, protection development manager said: “We recognise that society is changing with people now living and working longer and with that comes evolving financial needs with many people now having commitments that they want to protect beyond retirement age. It’s more important than ever that our proposition evolves to reflect these changing needs and that’s why we have introduced these new terms to provide advisers and their clients with greater choice and flexibility.”

These latest enhancements build on the raft of recent initiatives aimed at helping advisers communicate the benefits of protection through a series of guides and marketing materials. For information on these new materials visit www.zurich4protection.co.uk