Y3S partners with TrigoldCrystal

The tool is called a miLoan plug-in which, when added to a broker’s website, will allow clients to source and apply for secured loans.

It will also form part of a website offering from TrigoldCrystal which will offer quotation systems for best buys, mortgage sourcing, life insurance, buildings & contents insurance, overseas mortgages and loans.

David Thompson, sales and marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, said: “Searches for financial products and product comparisons keep increasing, so a firm’s online presence is vital to success. We speak to more and more brokers who are investing in capturing business online.

“Where many brokers were buying leads from 3rd parties and relying on traditional marketing they are now also setting up ways of using the internet to bring leads in directly. Broker websites are a major marketing tool used to support existing clients as well as attract new ones.

“By having tools such as the Y3S miLoan tool on a website it means that the firm can keep working doing business whether the office is open or not. Y3S not only provide a great service to clients but also pay highly competitive commission equating to 45% of the average £3,000 fee.

Matt Cottle, commercial director of Y3S Group, added: “Y3S is built on great service provided by great technology. We are now able to put some of this technology directly in the hands of brokers to help visitors to their sites.

“Secured loans are now starting to really come back into the market and more and more people will be out there searching for deals. We are looking forward to working with TrigoldCrystal to bring this facility to as many brokers as possible.”