Working even smarter

I have no fancy Orange data card, but I can still offer online decisions-in-principle (DIPs), produce Key Facts Illustrations (KFIs), and submit full mortgage applications, all online. I have all my lender log-in information at hand. All of this and not one penny spent.

I have learnt seven little words to enable me to perform all these tasks. All I ask at the first point of contact from a client is, ‘When can you come to see me.’ Simple as.

I don’t need fancy gadgets as everything I need for a professional and compliant sales process is in the office. I even save on petrol because clients use their own transport. So come on Mr Faulkener – get even smarter, educate your clients and throw away your fancy gadgets. With each referral comes the client expectancy that they will come to see you as their predecessor has, and so on it goes, all at a time and date that suits you.

There’s also the added benefit of not having to sit in the client’s house with their dog going at it for England up your leg, their cat making a bed out of your laptop case or their kids wiping lollipops over your suit. In the office, I can even wear my shorts on a hot day, leave my legs under my desk and no one’s the wiser.

Now that’s what I call smart.

Steve Price


Woodenbox Mortgages