Woolwich launches new trackers

This brings the rate down to 2.79% [base rate plus 2.29%, 70% LTV, £999 fee, 1% ERC for 2 years] from 3.24% [base rate plus 2.74%].

Also being launched is a fee-free tracker mortgage at 3.19% [base rate plus 2.69%, 70% LTV, £0 fee, 1% ERC for 2 years].

The new rates make these the lowest tracker mortgages in their class, according to Woolwich, and represents the third mortgage rate reduction by Woolwich in two months.

"These mortgages should hit all the right targets for customers," said Andy Gray, head of mortgages at Woolwich. "They are extremely competitive, have a zero-fee option, and are well-placed to take advantage of the increasing customer demand for tracker mortgages.

"We're seeing more interest in tracker mortgages, probably related to the combination of rock-bottom, stable base rates and an increasingly competitive market. These new mortgages have the potential to appeal to significant numbers of customers."

Anyone remortgaging can benefit from Woolwich Switch and Save, which covers the cost of valuation and in house legal services.

Woolwich is also removing the upper and lower loan size restrictions on its historically low 1 year discounted tracker, currently available at 1.98% [base rate plus 1.48%]. A refreshed range of mortgages for borrowing above £1 million is also being introduced.

The mortgages are available at the same rates to both direct branch customers and via intermediaries.