With 9.5 million households planning home improvements the UKs largest IFA warns against cover complacency

Research carried out by independent agency NOP on behalf of The MarketPlace at Bradford & Bingley, has found that over half of all UK households, 56%, are planning to carry out some home improvements this year.

However, while enjoying the surroundings of a newly refurbished home, consumers must ensure their insurance cover has been upgraded accordingly.

Ian Campbell, insurance spokesman at The MarketPlace, comments: "The national penchant for DIY seems to continue unabated. However, while concentrating on whether to add a bedroom, a bathroom or just improving what you already have, many people forget that they must alter their insurance accordingly. With over £23 billion likely to be spent across the country this year, there could be some expensive mistakes should people forget to address this."

Many people planning to carry out improvements will approach their mortgage lender for a further advance who, in most cases, will automatically inform the customer that they must adjust all their insurance cover accordingly. However, those who take a personal loan or use savings they may have built up, may not instinctively think about insurance cover. This could prove a costly oversight.

Campbell continues, "With the high levels of house price inflation we have witnessed over the last few years, many people prefer to improve their current home instead of move up the ladder. However, adding an extra bedroom can be a very expensive business, so not increasing your buildings and contents cover - should any disaster happen - is likely to merely add to your expense."

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