Whittaker: Osborne will renege on H2B1 pledge

Yesterday the Chancellor told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that he would extend the scheme, that was originally due to end in 2016, to 2020.

However Whittaker was sceptical and branded the Chancellors pledge as a “political expediency”.

He said: “Osborne’s pledge that he will be extending Help to Buy will not stand the test of any future Conservative administration, should they be re-elected. It’s purely a political expediency.”

Whittaker also said that he did not expect to see much from Wednesday’s Budget.

He said: “I don’t think it will be a very interesting Budget, as the political points will be scored by putting money in people’s pockets.”

The priority will be on the Labour Party’s ‘cost of living crisis’, he added.

“If the Chancellor has the option he should create tax breaks for factory owners that can create jobs and products that can be exported.

“That is far more beneficent than fiddling with the property market.”