Visuals are the answer to increased MMR information

This comes in light of the high level of detail that Kensington Mortgages revealed that it would require last week from customers, via brokers, on its new household expenditure form.

The only way for an adviser to navigate the new, complex and lengthy advice process will be by truly engaging the customer so they understand what they need to provide and why. Perhaps more importantly they need to be engaged in order to undertake what will be a fairly arduous task.

Adding a visual element to the sales process ensures much greater engagement with the customer, as the adviser is able to use images, calculators, illustrations and diagrams to make the sales process both interesting and entertaining. The need for this will be even greater when the advice is carried out via a call centre or any other remote method, when screen sharing will come into its own.

Richard Hurst, marketing director of Vizolution, said: “Visual solutions such as vScreen give lenders and brokers the ability to make the sales process much more personal to the customer. As a result, customers have a greater understanding of what is needed and why and actually enjoy their vScreen sessions.

“This sort of engagement and understanding is essential if advisers are going to get their clients to fill in such intrusive information in such detail. As many clients won’t have this information readily to hand, keeping them engaged while you take them through the process will be crucial.”