VERTEX gets green light to advise mortgages

The firm, a provider of technology and business process outsourcing to the UK mortgage market, now adds mortgage advice to its list of services and will be fully compliant with the Mortgage Market Review when it takes effect in April 2014.

Robert Coyle, managing director at Vertex Financial Services, said: “We are delighted to announce that we are the first of our peers to gain the VOP and add mortgage advice to our range of services. This means that our clients can rely on Vertex to provide a fully-compliant mortgage service post-MMR.

“This is exceptional news for our business it adds another string to our bow and demonstrates to current and potential clients that we are constantly looking to grow, to improve and increase our portfolio.”

The VOP request was granted after a thorough review from the FCA which scrutinised Vertex’s advice model as well as looking at its overall competence, systems and controls.

Coyle added: “We are confident that our lending platform is a true market leader and have proven it in action for some of the biggest lenders in the UK mortgage market. We are now in a position to offer advice on mortgages too which will deliver even better value for our clients and will also position us to be able to offer help to all lending institutions.”