Uinsure added to Mortgage Intelligence GI panel

Yesterday Uinsure confirmed that it had joined the panel of LV= Broker.

Uinsure added to Mortgage Intelligence GI panel

Uinsure has joined Mortgage Intelligence’s general insurance panel.

Uinsure only needs three pieces of information - name, date of birth and address - to generate a binding GI quote.

David Smith, chief innovation officer at Uinsure, said: “Mortgage Intelligence produce consistent results within our industry and have been a huge player for over 20 years.

"We’re delighted to be joining Mortgage Intelligence’s panel of GI providers and this partnership further demonstrates the significance of our new Zero Questions user journey with a focus on advice to deliver better customer outcomes.

"The ease of generating a quote is vital to the customer journey as this empowers the adviser with increased time to advise instead of asking unnecessary property detail or data capture questions.

"Today’s partnership will enable all network advisers to access this and will certainly open up the ease of generating GI quotes."

Earlier this week Uinsure partnered with LV= Broker.