UCB adds functionality to website

The new section allows intermediaries to access a number of regularly used forms and brochures such as application forms, agreement in principle forms, buy-or-let brochures, and product guides which can then be printed and used.

Charles Reed, managing director of UCB Home Loans, said: "The new Literature Zone service is designed to speed up the process of providing documentation and information to intermediaries.

The site has also recently come top in a mortgage website review conducted by Blays Internet Rating Service.

Reed said: "The review concluded that the site was 'attractive and well planned, making navigation straightforward'. It also confirmed that the site 'provides good interactive options, especially in the intermediary site, and is user friendly and well maintained'. This is an excellent commendation and our latest improvements to the intermediary section of the site are designed to help us maintain our leading position. To help us improve the site further, we hope that visitors will make use of the Feedback option within the site and also the User Survey, which are activated when leaving the site."