Truss quits – mortgage industry reacts

Similarities to a "wet lettuce" are drawn

Truss quits – mortgage industry reacts

Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister (PM) after just 44 days in the hot seat - her brief tenure means she is shortest-ruling PM in history.

Many had predicted her time in office may come to an abrupt end after she announced a series of tax cuts that sparked market madness, only for her to go back and revise the majority of them, sparking relief among the financial markets but raising further questions over her leadership.

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Kate Allen (pictured), owner at Salcombe Finest, believes Truss has behaved like a “wet lettuce” throughout her faltering premiership, chopping and changing her policies to suit the pushiest of parliamentary peers.

“Not only that, but an actual lettuce has lasted longer than her time as PM,” she added.

Lewis Shaw, founder and mortgage expert at Shaw Financial Services said that a General Election is now needed.

“We cannot have more of this circus. Every day we look more like a banana republic led by donkeys,” he added.

Shaw believes the game is up for the Tories, and said that if they can make it as painless a transition as possible the country would be grateful.

Jackie Mulligan, founder at ShopAppy, agrees with Shaw that there is no question a General Election is needed.

“I am appalled by what I have seen with the deep and long-term damage that has been done in a matter of weeks to communities, households and businesses, not to mention to future generations with the legacy of debts left behind,” she said.

Mulligan outlined that the decision of a leader is too important to be left to a minority, and she believes it is time for this decision to be put back in the hands of the people.

“This is not a royal family where the crown is simply passed down the line. The PM is a symbol of our country’s reputation, which is in tatters,” she added.

Mike Staton, director at Staton Mortgages, said that it is hard to imagine, but he believes it is safe to say that Truss has left the country in a worse position than she found it.

“If ever there was going to be a definition of the grass is not always greener, Truss has owned it,” he added. “Truss has made one correct decision in her role as PM, and she made that by handing in her resignation.”

However, he outlined that the fine print needs to be checked so that there is no possibility that she can perform another U-turn on this decision.

“How she ever got voted in shows how much of a farce the current system is. Under no circumstances should another PM be allowed to have this sort of power without being voted in by the public,” Staton said.

Natalie Ormond, owner at Smallkind, was in agreement with Staton that it is hard to believe a PM could put the country in worse state than they found it after just 44 days, especially considering it was in a bad way when they took over.

“People are struggling, and it feels like the only sensible option is a General Election. I want to feel optimistic but honestly, what is next,” questioned Ormond.

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Samuel Mather-Holgate, independent financial adviser at Mather and Murray Financial also believes Truss has finally done the right thing by handing in her resignation.

“Notwithstanding that, this is a total embarrassment for the Tories. They now go into a leadership election that only MPs have a say on. The new PM will have no legitimacy at all,” he added.

Mather-Holgate outlined that he expects the government to call a General Election in early spring and use the next six months to stabilise the economy as well as to do a PR campaign on the electorate to salvage some seats for next term.

Anil Mistry, director and mortgage broker at RNR Mortgage Solutions, said that you have to give Truss credit for her decision to resign as he believes this marks the first correct choice in her tenure.

However, he believes that too much damage has already been done since she became PM and noted that there is a massive job left by her to fix. “The Tories now need to unite and work together for the sake of the country,” he added.