Trigold now fully integrated with DIY Packaging

This integration comes at a time when the number of DIY Packaging users is growing as more and more brokers look to package their own cases, receiving market leading proc fees as a result.

Users of Trigold’s Prospector sourcing system can now source the best mortgage for their client, package and submit the application in full to any of the DIY Packaging panel lenders. They maintain full control of the process and can do all necessary chase work whenever suits them best using the fully online system, and receive the highest proc fees available in the UK open market today.

Nikki Haworth, Head of Mortgage 2000, said: “For a long time now we’ve wanted to make our DIY Packaging tool available to as many people as possible. The integration marks the end of a significant IT investment from both us and Trigold.

“Yet again, we’ve made changes to our Business with the welfare of brokers at the heart of our decision making.”

David Thompson, Sales and Marketing Director at Trigold said: “We’re pleased to be bringing the integration with DIY Packaging to our users. Ultimately this will make dealing with client cases more efficient, whilst maximising the income opportunities in this difficult market.”