Too hard up to be green?

In March of this year, the average consumer was willing to pay an additional £5 per £50 spent on groceries, but over recent months, this has dropped to just £2.45, less than half, as millions of Brits feel the pinch.

Almost a quarter of people (23 per cent) said that the current economic uncertainty made them less likely to consider the environment when doing their weekly shop. Thirty per cent of those questioned went further by saying that they're buying fewer goods they consider to be environmentally friendly.

Forty four per cent of Brits are now unwilling to pay any form of supplement for green products, and only 31 per cent are only willing to spend £5 or less. These latest figures come in stark contrast to those released by cahoot in March this year, where a staggering 76 per cent of those questioned said that they would be happy to pay up to £5 extra for environmentally friendly produce.