TMB installs SDS interfacing technology

The software will initially be configured to allow TMB to communicate electronically with packagers. This will help alleviate the need for re-keying cases and reduce errors by connecting TMB with one of its main sources of business.

Based on industry standard XML, TheMortgageWeb allows a Lender such as TMB to create a low-cost data exchange portal. Bill Dudgeon, managing director of TMB said, “We needed a system that would enable us to electronically receive cases from packagers who are users of the market-leading SDS packaging system.”

SDS has designed TheMortgageWeb to provide Lenders, Packagers and Brokers with a standard interchange between their internal IT systems and the systems of other third parties involved in the mortgage application process. By allowing the various parties to communicate electronically regardless of type of system via standardised interfaces, TheMortgageWeb is said to solve the KFI problem by eliminating data re-keying, automating case tracking and speeding up the overall process.

TheMortgageWeb system to system plug-ins include:

- Request & Receive KFI

- Send KFI

- Send and receive Application or Case

- Case tracking information

- Product and fees updates

- Request and Send Decision

- Conveyancing services

- Credit agencies

TheMortgageWeb software has been developed using the latest web technologies and is designed to be easy to install and configure.