TMA to host series of business forums

After undertaking a successful forum session recently in Birmingham, TMA has announced further sessions which will take place during November n London, Manchester and Leeds. The forums are by invitation only and will look to address a range of topics and potential concerns for directly authorised firms.

The implementation of the forums comes on the back of TMA’s participation in a series of roadshows which resulted in a host of new members joining the mortgage club, highlighting the renewed appetite for directly authorised (DA) firms to use clubs.

Since its launch seven years ago TMA has grown steadily over time and despite current market turmoil this growth has continued in 2008. It is delighted with its current growth levels especially during times when it is vital for mortgage intermediaries to choose their business partners wisely. TMA believes strong relationships are paramount in today’s marketplace and reflect the need for advisers to form strong affiliations in order to maximize opportunities and add true value to their propositions.

Phil Whitehouse, Head of TMA, commented: “We are delighted with the feedback received from this recent forum and the roadshows which suggests there is certainly great interest from DA firms to make the most of the benefits offered by TMA and mortgage clubs in general.

“These meetings provided an excellent opportunity to be able to speak directly to brokers about their current market requirements. It is all well and good signing on new members but ensuring that they use TMA on a regular basis is the real focus and this will only happen if we are fully servicing their requirements.

“Flexibility and the freedom of choice remain key for directly authorized firms in order to explore new sectors and develop relationships with high quality business partners and gain access to additional income streams. There is no doubt that the majority of mortgage intermediaries are certainly feeling the pinch but there is still a great deal of support in the market for DA’s in the form of trade bodies, mortgage clubs and a number of outsourcing opportunities.”