TMA targets DA market

All TMA members will have access to LSL’s packager, The Mortgage Processing Centre, for help and assistance with more niche mortgage cases which are hard to place.

TMA will have an unlimited number of lenders on its mortgage panel and will act on behalf of DA advisers to secure both exclusive products and higher procuration fees for its members.

David Copland, director of mortgage services for LSL, said: “The relaunch of TMA highlights LSL’s commitment to the directly authorised adviser market and is the first step in our strategy to build a brand which is synonymous with everything that is good about the DA market.

“We will act as champion on behalf of directly authorised advisers to secure high quality products and market leading commissions that reflect the needs of their customers.

“We will also offer services which support advisers and which helps them to grow their businesses sustainably.

“We want to make sure that advisers benefit from choosing TMA, that they view us as a partner and not just a source of mortgages, and that they value the support that we can provide them with.”

Copland also said that the club will be broadening its proposition and will be offering protection, general insurance and compliance support for directly authorised advisers as well as one-to-one business development.

TMA now plans to expand its mortgage desk, one of the most highly rated elements of TMA amongst its existing members, and beef up the size of its customer services team; the team will continue to make members aware of new rates, exclusives and other products that they might benefit from.