TMA launches mortgage club calculator

The calculator, which is hosted on a TMA microsite, explains what brokers can earn in comparison with their current mortgage club.

David Copland, spokesperson for TMA, said: “The aim of our microsite is to simplify the process that all DAs go through when looking for a mortgage club.

“The DA market has similarities to a supermarket; the beauty of being a DA is that you can ‘shop’ anywhere you want.

“Our challenge is to show DAs why they should do their ‘big shop’ through our club and how we reward this loyalty by finding ways to support their business.”

The launch of the calculator comes one week after TMA unveiled its profit share scheme to reward loyal advisers.

Copland added: “Some of the ways that we support advisers are by sharing profits, creating bespoke training, offering access to specialist events, business development including face-to-face meetings and compliance support.

“We want to redefine what a mortgage club is by rejuvenating how it supports DA businesses.”