Tiuta launches 15 month product

Tiuta launched the range after it secured a funding line from a Central London investment fund.

Steven Nicholas, chief executive of Tiuta, said: “We are over the moon at securing this new funding line and are pleased to be able to offer this new product range for large bridging loans at highly competitive pricing.

“There are a number of new entrants who have come into the short- and medium-term lending market recently and this has placed significant downward pressure on interest rates which is clearly good for both the industry and the consumer.

“Over the past few months competition for the same deal has become ever greater given the increased number of lenders offering discounted rates. It is important for Tiuta and our customers that we respond to this competition and we have done this by concentrating on higher loan deals at cheaper interest rates.

“This is proving successful and we are opening up a completely new niche market. We will be informing all our brokers and introducers about the product range and we are looking forward to helping their clients secure their bridging finance.”