Three quarters benefit from low interest rates

This is the highest figure since April 2010 and the second highest since the survey began in August 2009.

When asked whether they thought rates would rise, fall or stay the same over the coming 12 months, 66% said that they believed rates would rise - although the vast majority felt that this would be by no more than 0.5% over the course of the year.

When questioned on the state of the housing market, 74% were of the opinion that now is a good time to invest in UK property with 69% feeling than overseas property also represents good investment potential at the current time. In fact, 65% said that they are currently considering an overseas property purchase with the USA the most favoured location followed by Brazil, Spain, France and the Caribbean.

Commenting on the survey results, managing director of the Worldwide Property Group, Kevin Wilkes said: “In maintaining the base rate at 0.5% the Bank of England has undoubtedly spared many people the horror of repossession, whilst allowing many others to reduce their mortgage payments faster and therefore strengthen their finances.

“Our survey has consistently shown that high numbers of people are benefiting from low interest rates and I hope that this remains the case for many more months to come.”