Thinc Destini extends BTL seminars

The Group has invited advisers from outside the Thinc Destini Group to attend for the first time.

The free seminars will take place throughout the South of England and Northern Ireland and are designed to help advisers show their clients how to set themselves on their way in this growing market. With BTL borrowing setting records each month, and over £17.5 billion of loans advanced in the first six months of this year, Thinc Destini is anticipating that the current growth trend will continue.

Alex Murray, group director of Mortgages at Thinc Destini, commented: “The feedback from clients and advisers who attended the first series of seminars has been superb. The advisers feel this is an excellent value-added service for their clients and some have already been able to see results developing as a direct result from these events. Given that the BTL loans have increased by 17 per cent volume and 20 per cent by value compared with the second half of 2005, our advisers are telling us that there is still a huge demand for these events and that there are many more investors who are looking to broaden their understanding of the BTL market and pick up as many tips as possible.”

The seminars will cover a variety of topics across the BTL market from ‘why invest in the BTL market’ to ‘the role of a landlord’ to ‘potential hotspots’.

Murray added: “We are delighted that there has been such a good response to these events. We feel it is important to offer educational services to the consumer and, with the BTL market booming, we are keen to help potential investors become the landlords of the future which is why we are extending this series and inviting advisers from within and outside the Thinc Destini Group.”

The following seminars have been confirmed and will start at 6.15pm:

24 October Basingstoke

25 October Northampton

1 November Chelmsford

2 November Norwich

8 November Sunderland

13 November Belfast