The value of regulated mortgage advice

‘The Value of Regulated Mortgage Advice” is the fourth in a series of publications about the value of financial services and products. The booklet encourages the customer to seek regulated mortgage advice before applying for a mortgage, and is set out in an easy-to-read style to help stress the importance of making an informed choice. Impartial believes that MCCB qualified advisers are in the perfect position to advise consumers who are seeking a competitive mortgage or re-mortgage.

The booklet also explains to consumers various considerations which need to taken into account before applying for a mortgage. The many options available to a client are detailed and the main requirements of the mortgage code are listed.

Issues such as; insurance, life assurance, buildings and contents insurance, mortgage payment protection, and accident, sickness and redundancy cover, critical illness insurance, and income protection insurance are also covered in detail.

To eliminate confusion with terms and jargon, the booklet has been given the crystal mark by the Plain English Campaign.

Impartial managing director, Mike Owen, comments: “The booklet stresses the need for a client to seek professional advice in a market that has a myriad of opportunities, but also pitfalls if you get it wrong. It will act as both a potent marketing tool for the adviser and a valuable aid for the compliance audit”.

An order for “The Value of Regulated Mortgage Advice” can be obtained by contacting Impartial on 020 8906 6603, or by fax on 020 8906 6613, or by email at [email protected]. Bulk supplies can be purchased by IFAs at the unit price of 40p a copy (minimum order 100 copies) plus postage and packing.