The Finance Centre confirms expansion plans

Senior Partner, Wayne Smethurst comments: “We started interviews for our planned London office late last month and word seems to have spread throughout the industry in a matter of days. Maybe it’s a question of ‘good news travels fast’ when all we seem to read lately are stories of redundancies and downsizing. It would be a shame for our industry to lose quality, experienced staff forever just because some operations got their strategy wrong”

Additional regional offices are planned for Northern Ireland, Glasgow, Cardiff and the West Midlands. The Newcastle office opened in November last year and is already on the lookout for extra processing staff.

tfc have made no secret of the fact that TRACK, the latest in on-line process management, allows them to expand operations into the regions whilst maintaining full control over service standards. Coupled with remote document scanning and the latest voice recording technology these regional centres will be like having extensions built on the ‘full to capacity’ Head Office in Warrington.