Tenet launches marketing toolkit

Tenet released the following statement:

"At Tenet, we are aware of how many challenges the modern IFA faces:

- New regulations

- New advice process

- New breed of 'media-savvy' client

- 24 hour / On demand culture

- Increased number of competing channels offering financial advice

"IFAs can often be daunted by the prospect of competing with the the huge supermarket chains, national building societies and the marketing budgets they command.

"How can a small practice possibly have the time and budget to resource a professional marketing campaign?

"At Tenet, our highly qualified marketing department has developed a time and cost-effective solution for our members in the shape of our new Marketing Toolkit. This toolkit contains all the basic elements an IFA needs to present a professional, modern image to the consumer and ensure they are fit to compete in the current environment.

"Within the Toolkit, advisers have access to everything from a brochure and website builder to an e-mail management system and client profiling and lead-generation facility. Every service has been designed to need as little input and maintenance as possible from the adviser themselves."