Teenagers shape industry

Students of the new ifs level 3 Diploma in Financial Studies (Dip FS) gathered to receive their certificates and records of achievement at London Stock Exchange on Monday.

The Diploma programme aims to teach 14 – 19 year olds how to be more discerning consumers: covering the basic principles of good money management. The syllabus also introduces students to a wide range of financial products and can be a valuable introduction to a career in the industry for many.

In congratulating the students on their achievement, Sandler said: “If consumers can be made more capable, more discerning, more able to recognize value for money and quicker to appreciate when the wool has been pulled over their eyes, they will demand better value for money. It is not just the more capable consumers that will benefit - the entire financial services industry will be prompted to move in the right direction. It becomes more responsive and more efficient and delivers better value for money – ultimately to the benefit of all consumers.”

The programme involves the participation of the financial services industry throughout and is already delivered to more than 100 schools and colleges throughout the UK.