TCS joins conveyancing apprenticeship consortium

The consortium of conveyancers will develop the new scheme over the next six months so that the first apprentices can begin training in autumn 2014.

Once launched, the apprenticeship will help local people of all ages and backgrounds, including school leavers, as well as others seeking to ‘earn as they learn’ as they begin careers in the legal sector.

It is expected that participants in the apprenticeship scheme will train for three years, before becoming licensed conveyancers, with expected earnings of up to £30,000 upon qualification.

With a high demand for conveyancing professionals the new scheme is set to play a vital role in reducing the current skills gap in the market.

TCS currently processes 8,900 home completions per year and employs 79 members of staff.

But with anticipated growth to 12,000 completions by the end of 2014, employee levels are expected to increase by 35%; some of which will be a direct result of the launch of the new apprenticeship scheme.

The consortium is being facilitated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, a regulator of legal services, as part of a scheme by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to develop world-class apprenticeships in the UK.

The government has also pledged an additional £40M overall to support participation in Higher Apprenticeships, such as this one.

Sarah Ryan, managing director of TCS, said: ‘We are hugely proud to join this campaign to invest in the future of the conveyancing profession and support the development of a new apprenticeship.

We’re dedicated towards fostering local talent and apprenticeships offer a brilliant start to forging a rich and rewarding career in the law - either straight from school or later in life, when candidates can bring different skillsets and experience to bear on their work.”

Sheila Kumar, chief executive of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, added: ‘We’re delighted to be supporting employers of conveyancers as they work to develop a new standard for apprenticeships in conveyancing.

“We’re committed to supporting the development of a diverse profession that delivers the services consumers want to the highest professional standards.

“So we welcome the government’s commitment to supporting apprenticeships financially as well as sponsoring the development of world-class apprenticeships.