TBMC to review its lender panel

Young stated: “Whilst TBMC has an excellent panel of lenders within our specialist areas of Buy to Let & Commercial Mortgages, it is important to constantly review this panel.

There will no doubt be opportunities for new lenders to be considered, if they add some real value and of course there may also be some casualties along the way.

"One of my first aims is to ensure that we continue to offer the very best service, procuration fees and schemes, which in turn will ensure that our distribution networks and intermediaries get only the very best.

"In return, lenders will get the benefit of the highest quality processed applications in the volumes they desire, which ensures that they can maintain low acquisition and processing costs to balance off the product pricing to provide the returns they require.”

There are also opportunities for lenders to benefit from TBMC’s specialist processing arm, where the lender can simply outsource the complete Buy to Let process, and this has already proven to be a real success with a number of lenders over several years. "

Young added; “We have great distribution and capacity here at TBMC and another aim is to ensure we continue to deliver to the networks & intermediaries not only the very best in product range, but also the very best in processing and packaging. We already handle over £100m in new applications each month and even though the market has been a little uncertain over recent months, we are seeing clear signs that our market share is increasing and one of my objectives is to ensure this trend continues.”