Target Bluechip launches Debt Planner software

Debt Planner enables debt management companies to efficiently manage all their plans in one place, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency and is a new addition to the Target Bluechip suite of solutions for brokers, introducers and debt management companies.

Commenting, Dennis Freyne, senior product consultant at Target Group said: “Debt Planner from Target Bluechip helps debt management companies to more efficiently run their business. It’s simple to use – you can run your business with our solution available out of the box.

“With renewed commitment from the regulators to make the debt management industry more responsible by significantly raising standards, prudent providers need to act swiftly to survive. We’re confident Debt Planner enables providers to work smarter, whilst helping them follow best practice.”

Debt Planner’s automated income and expenditure capability enables providers to quickly and efficiently calculate client’s disposable income. This removes the need for manual intervention and ensures accuracy, whilst operating capacity allows providers to increase business volumes without increasing headcount.