Sun Bank survey on broker web wishes

The survey, conducted via e-mail, questioned brokers on their likes and dislikes of the lender websites they use.

Commenting on the move, Paul Howard, sales and development director of Sun Bank, said: “The results, based on over 250 responses, showed what brokers really think about websites designed for them. It is clear that with less than 25% of brokers predicting they will do no business electronically over the coming year that lenders all need to put significant resources into developing their on line capability.

“The survey also pinpointed what features brokers find most useful on a site. Case tracking and automatic decision in principle scored highest (73% and 67% respectively). Applying online, downloading and printing literature and the ability to browse through lending criteria and requirements were not far behind.

“We also analysed what brokers dislike about sites and not surprisingly poor usability, lack of functionality and having to remember passwords all scored highly.

“The purpose of this survey was to enable Sun Bank to enhance its site to meet brokers’ needs. By taking a commonsense approach to our customers requirements the improved site will remove a lot of the niggles brokers have with current websites and include many of the aspects they now consider essential.”