Stop the estate agent hate

Estate agents are generally unpaid until a sale has gone through, whereas solicitors usually are paid for work carried out. Therefore, why not make them responsible to ensure their clients are honest?

f there is a mortgage involved, surely a lender must check on who they are dealing with before granting the loan. There is a hatred of estate agents and this government is making matters worse if not almost impossible.

Already, the ‘no sale, no fee’ statement can not apply as any Home Information Pack has to be paid for by a vendor either upfront, or later on completion of a sale, and also if the property is withdrawn. Stop using estate agents as the scapegoat for bad law.

I have always said, let estate agents be licensed by obtaining an identity card at say £50 every five years. If the agent is found to be breaking any law, then have that card taken away.

Richard F Grant
By e-mail