SPML speeds up case tracking

This ‘real time’ fax notification is triggered by the data being entered on SPML’s own computerised case tracking system, and it is already being viewed as a major benefit by packagers. Now, packagers no longer have to remember to telephone SPML to enquire about the status of offer conditions, as they are proactively notified by SMPL immediately conditions are recorded as ‘satisfied’.

Dean Taylor, marketing manager at SPML, said: "Whenever a conditional mortgage offer is issued, packagers and mortgage advisers are put under pressure by borrowers to make sure the conditions are satisfied and to reach completion as soon as possible. The new, proactive fax notification generated by the SPML case tracking system frees packagers from the task of regular phone follow-ups and helps to speed up case progress for them.

"At SPML, we view this development as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best service to packagers in the marketplace."