SPML appoints Gavin Hunt

His responsibilities include all aspects of compliance, but in particular, Gavin will be managing the transition from voluntary to statutory regulation by the FSA in 2004.

Gavin was previously senior compliance officer with MCCB (Mortgage Code Compliance Board), for two years. His total of 12 years in the mortgage industry include management roles within an internet-based mortgage broker, and with lenders including Bristol & West, and N&P Building Society (subsequently Abbey National). Gavin is also a fully qualified mortgage practitioner, having passed the FPC and CeMAP bridge exams.

Stuart Aitken, SPML’s director of credit, said: "We are delighted to welcome Gavin into the company, and his past experience in mortgage compliance management is the perfect fit for our needs. Both in the run up to full statutory regulation at the end of 2004, and once it is finally in place, it is vital to know that all compliance issues are being properly managed. Gavin’s input has already been invaluable in helping to compile SPML’s response to CP146, and we look forward to his help in ensuring a smooth transition to statutory regulation.”