Source Insurance launches telepathic insurance

The insurer said it has gone one step further in making the processing of GI quicker than ever before.

Source Insurance launches telepathic insurance

GI provider Source Insurance has launched into telepathic insurance, so its brokers can make a sale to customers even before they know they want or even need a GI policy.

Source have been working on the process in the background with Uri Geller and Mystic Meg and now has a team of fortune tellers, who can predict what kind of policy and limits a person wants before they even know about it.

A Source spokeswoman, said: “I know what you’re thinking, no really I do! We’re delighted with the advancements; as a tech company, we’re always looking at how to improve the system and process whilst maintaining great rates and coverage, we found this can’t be achieved simply by asking fewer questions.

“We’ve found telepathic insurance will tap into the thoughts from a client’s subconscious before they even know about it. When they realise the need for a policy they will already have one in place.”

Mystic Meg added “I’m delighted to be part of the process” and Source has signed up its first customer - a Sagittarius male with dark hair in the Leeds area, who prefers the colour purple.

Uri Geller has also offered to give a bent spoon to the first 100 clients.

The future of GI is certainly upon us.