SortRefer offers workplace pension option on introducer portal

SortRefer offers workplace pension option on its introducer portal.

Online referral service SortRefer has launched a pension auto-enrolment service for intermediaries.

The facility is provided by specialist workplace pension provider Johnson Fleming.

Under new law, all firms must provide a workplace pension for employees. The new auto-enrolment services are fully compliant with the new legislation.

Kevin Tunnicliffe, managing director at SortRefer, said: “Our aim has always been to grow the number of worthwhile services which our introducers could not otherwise access if they did it alone. Our success with conveyancing services and latterly with surveys and wills provided the platform for us to look to expand the facilities that we can offer our introducers.

“With the deadline for workplace pensions just around the corner for smaller businesses with all the attendant issues of resourcing and time, we have put together a great proposition with one of the UK’s leading workplace pension specialists, Johnson Fleming.

“Introducers to SortRefer, regardless of their regulatory status, have a fantastic opportunity to refer clients for a service that will save them time and money.”

Robert G Kingston, senior consultant at Johnson Fleming, added: “Employers are responsible for the delivery of auto-enrolment and, if it goes wrong, they will be responsible for putting it right.

“We are delighted to be able to support SortRefer and its intermediaries with easy access to our high-quality, affordable workplace pension services.”