Software slashes home moves by 11 days

The conveyancying process has recently come under fire for its poor communication with third parties causing a large proportion of transactions to fall through or become delayed.

Research completed by the Conveyancing Association highlighed that over the last five years almost a quarter (23%) of all home movers believed their transaction had fallen through due to delays caused by poor communication.

The online conveyancing system, Navigator, claims to speed up the legal part of the transaction by allowing the mover to track and stay in touch with the conveyancer and estate agent throughout the process.

Ian Fletcher, director of Move with Us, said: “Navigator provides home buyers and sellers with simple and clear information allowing them to track the progress of their purchase or sale online and be legally prepared much earlier on in the transaction. This means that they can move quickly once an offer has been accepted.

“Saving time during the conveyancing process can reduce the number of property sales that fall through by ensuring that home movers are legally prepared earlier on in the transaction and demonstrating they are a committed and serious buyer.”