SMS launches product range with Platform

The range features free valuations across the entire mortgage range, no higher lending charge on the conforming range as well as self certification up to 90% on self employed. New product features are all allied to Flagship’s unique cascade underwriting facility. If a case fails from a credit perspective, the mortgage application can be moved down the credit scale, and offered on Flagship’s non conforming range of products.

Kelvin Cooper, Managing Director of SMS said “The strength of SMS lies in its relationships with our lending partners to produce the best products and with our brokers who know a good thing when they see it and send their business where their clients are getting the best deal. SMS’s Flagship and Platform has been one of the winning combinations for SMS’s brokers and this product range is a testament to the strength of the support for Flagship Homeloans.”

Guy Batchelor, Sales & Marketing Director at Platform commented " Our aim in creating "Click Decision" was to create a 'best of breed' online facility. The launch of these highly competitive product ranges through Solent Mortgage Services via Flagship Homeloans and RAMP, is a significant development for Platform, making best use of the distribution and marketing capabilities that both RAMP and Solent can offer. "