SmartNewHomes issues FTB help

Despite continued concern surrounding the plight of the first time buyer, there are an increasing range of options and properties available to enable this struggling group of want-to-be homeowners to take their initial steps onto the housing ladder says

In response to recent concerns, many Housing Associations are now opening up a range of their schemes to first time buyers (in addition to key workers). The range of part buy – part rent schemes available across the country are now helping more people to become home owners, with even notoriously expensive areas such as London and the South East proving accessible.

In addition, developers are also playing an important role, with many extending the number and range of starter homes available in their developments. With prices starting from as little as £57,000 starter homes are once again proving a popular option with first time buyers.

David Bexon, Managing Director, said: “Rising house prices and growing demand is making it increasingly difficult for first time buyers to step onto the housing ladder. However, there are a growing number of new homes available that are designed with this struggling group in mind - with many new properties on our site available for less than £50,000.

“Starter homes and schemes offered by Housing Associations can prove a life line for first time buyers, enabling them to step on to the property ladder without having to take on an unmanageable level of debt.”