Skipton refreshes range

Rates on Skipton’s fixed rates products are dropping by as much as 0.40% as the Society the new range includes a 2-Year fixed rate mortgage which offers a lower fee and more competitive rate than its previous equivalent.

Kris Brewster, the Society’s head of products, said: “We’re extremely pleased to announce rate reductions on our mortgage range, which offers fee and rate options to suit a number of different borrower requirements.

“The wide range of products we now have on offer at very competitive rates means that Skipton is well-placed to help anyone in the residential housing market.

“We’re continuing to lend strongly, in line with our commitment to doing everything to help borrowers, and the ongoing popularity of our products is a reflection of that.

“By reducing all 2, 3 and 5-year residential fixed rates up to 80% LTV and introducing new 2, 3 and 5-year products to 60% LTV we are creating more choice for our customers who have worked hard to build equity or have a substantial deposit.”