SimplyBiz unveils Genius insurance portal

The system, which is freely available to all SimplyBiz Mortgages members, offers access to home; landlord; accident, sickness and unemployment and commercial insurance, as well as specialist areas.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of SimplyBiz Mortgages, said: “Genius is a highly flexible solution which will prove to be time efficient and will therefore help advisers meet their obligations to both their clients and the regulator. In addition, they will be building a regular valuable income for the future.

“SimplyBiz Mortgages, and the whole of the SimplyBiz Group, are committed to helping advisers raise awareness amongst clients of the importance of adequate protection cover.

“We believe that Genius is another important tool in making the protection advice process straightforward, compliant and transparent.”

The Genius portal, which was designed in partnership with Berkley Alexander, runs alongside SimplyBiz Group’s wider ‘Protection Awareness’ campaign which will see material and training aids launched online in addition to protection meetings, which start in July.

Alan Collinson, business development director at Berkeley Alexander, added: “We’re both delighted and excited to be the service provider for the Genius project. It’s almost a year since the concept was first floated, and we’ve worked hard to tie-down and develop the ideas behind it.

“It’s a new and unique development for the directly authorised adviser market, and we hope we’ve tackled every issue that they have when it comes to arranging GI.

“Choice is at the heart of Genius and it’s what we at Berkeley Alexander are all about, whether it’s regarding the number of insurers we deal with, the range of products we offer, or the number of ways you can deal with us.

“Genius is service-led rather than product-led, and we’re hoping that this approach will help advisers to maximise the time they spend discharging their responsibilities to both clients and the regulator.”