Shawbrook enhances STL product range

Karen Bennett, sales and marketing director, commercial mortgages, Shawbrook Bank, said: “Shawbrook’s STL product range has been very well received by the market, and we’ve listened to our brokers, clients and teams to understand how we can refine it even further.

“By separating out the existing STL6 product, we are able to offer brokers more clarity on the product type and a favourable reduction in pricing.

“These changes reflect our appetite to lend on heavy refurbishment projects, as well as our ongoing dedication to improving our product line for our broker partners and their customers.”

The bank’s current STL suite constitutes six products covering residential, mixed-use, commercial, residential light refurb, mixed-use light refurb and heavy refurb options.

Now STL products for heavy refurb, (STL6) will be allocated by property type: STL6 – for single residential properties sees a reduction in monthly rate from 0.89% to 0.79%; STL7 – for HMOs and multiple units sees a reduction in monthly rate from 0.89% to 0.85% and STL8 – for semi-commercial & commercial properties retains existing rate of 0.89%.

Shawbrook has also increased its loan range, with loan sizes now available from £50,000 to £15m.

The bank continues to offer a 0.25% discount on margin or arrangement fees for repeat clients and charges no exit fees.