Sex pest surveyor struck off

Anthony Ferrier, 62 and company director of Ferrier Hart Thomas, was accused by receptionist Lizzie Bibby, 27, at a tribunal where she claimed he treated her “like a sex object”. He has subsequently been axed from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Ferrier reportedly rapped blonde Bibby on the behind while she looked into a filing cabinet as well as showing her porn online, quizzing her about her sex life and telling her he wanted to “kit her out” in Ann Summers underwear.

Bibby said: “I was deeply upset by what went on, I felt violated, humiliated and embarrassed. Anthony Ferrier would often pinch my cheeks so I would try and face away from him when I saw him coming.”

Ferrier has been reported as saying to Bibby: “It’s your fault for wearing tight trousers.”

Bibby added: “He once put his hands on my waist and his behaviour left me constantly on edge. He also made comments about my weight.”

The tribunal upheld her complaints of sexual harassment and constructive dismissal and the firm of surveyors agreed an out-of-court settlement.

A RICS disciplinary panel said earlier this week that Ferrier’s behaviour “struck at the institution’s values of treating others with respect”.

Ferrier is appealing RICS’ decision and dismissed Bibby’s claims as “malicious” and “pure fantasy”.