September secured lending hits £58m

This is the largest gross monthly total since October 2009, as lending shot up by 13% in September alone.

Lending in 2014 stands £110m above the same point last year, while the total is expected to surpass 2009 figures.

Mat Beaver, managing director of Evolution Money, said: “Evolution Money are thrilled to have achieved in excess of £2m of funded loans in September – a record month for us.

“Through the ongoing training and development of our teams, we are proud of our professional and ethical approach, and always putting customers first in a specialist sector of the market.”

Norton Home Loans also had a successful month according to its loans and mortgages director Paul Stringer.

He added: "Norton Home Loans had a record completion month in September thanks to tremendous support from our introducing brokers.

“Our valued partners recognise the excellent service level and certainty of completion provided by Norton will contribute to the speed of payout customers expect.

“Finding not only a lender with competitive rates but also with a high certainty of completion is essential when choosing the best lender for the customers circumstances.

“The ever more attractive products Norton and other lenders in the industry offer will mean there will be an increasing number of customers who will benefit from a secured loan rather than a remortgage."