ScotProv guide to unemployment cover

Its guidance campaign outlines areas such as understanding the detail of Unemployment Benefit, eligibility criteria and gives some simple guidance on the claiming process.

The campaign will also offer some FAQs and sample approach letters which IFAs can use to help promote Unemployment Benefit to their customers, along with a client-facing booklet which IFAs can give to their clients to allow them to read for themselves about the value of this important cover.

Susan Barclay, head of marketing, said: "With over 2.47 million people in the UK now unemployed, a figure which has risen dramatically in light of the global recession and is likely to continue to rise, this has become a really important part of our industry. The response to this has been a steady withdrawal of stand alone policies by many companies, and a steady decline of combined policies. It's important for the industry to work with advisers and consumers to come up with a solution that fits these turbulent times."

IFAs wanting more information on the Scottish Provident Unemployment Benefit campaign should speak to their sales consultant or call Salesline on 0845 300 0005 (opt 2).