Sandringham exceeds 100 adviser applications

Since its formal launch in January 2013 Sandringham has continued to invest in and develop the business to provide advisers with the extra support they need in the post-RDR world and to adapt to the regulatory changes.

Steve Braidford, managing director of Sandringham Financial Partners, said: “As advisers have settled into the post-RDR environment we are seeing the number of applications to join Sandringham strongly moving forward. We have noticed a real difference in the past few months as advisers have become more aware of Sandringham and the service.”

Braidford said Sandringham allows advisers to focus on meeting clients and concentrating on their needs while it supports the adviser’s firm and provides the business with technology which gives customers access to their mortgage and life assurance information and a budget planner via their own bespoke portal.

Jan Oliff, Sandringham founding partner, said: “The support I have received from Sandringham has been exceptional and I can honestly say its comprehensive offering combined with its high service standards make this a truly remarkable business opportunity for financial advisers.

“I can understand why the firm is receiving more and more applications and believe this will continue as advisers hear more about Sandringham.”