Sales soar for New Deal Finance

Despite 2007 proving to be one of the most turbulent years for the mortgage industry, New Deal Finance has increased its number of cases every consecutive month, growing its business by over 100% since 2006.

Andrew Hood, sales director at New Deal Finance, said: ”We specialise in the complex side of the market – sub-prime, self-certification, non-standard construction – and whilst turbulence in the credit market continues, our role as a packager is more important than ever.

“We have close relationships with a number of specialist lenders and have access to a range of exclusive products. What’s more, as our mortgage desk is made up of ex-brokers, we really understand our customers. So, with the market changing daily and many lenders withdrawing from the market, we’re able to offer the most up to date advice on the best deal for their clients.

“In particular, we’ve seen a surge in cases related to non-standard construction, such as ex-council and un-repaired concrete properties. Consumer confidence remains high and there are a lot of unconventional properties on the market, so as brokers find many other doors shut, they are increasingly turning to New Deal, confident that we will help them to continue their business.”