Research shows the value of internet investment

In the UK, developers spend on average 61% of advertising budgets on local press and 0.2% on Internet marketing. Yet return on investment from the Internet is a staggering 8300% compared with 180% from local press.

One such example is Antler Homes, who within 48 hours of signing up to achieved a sale. Lynne Whiteman Sales and Marketing Director for Antler commented: "SmartNewHomes has really proved the value of online marketing. We were very sceptical at first, but have achieved sales as a direct result of our new homes appearing on the site. It is a very cost effective solution for selling new homes, and with nearly 35 million Internet users in the UK, it’s proving very successful.”

David Bexon, Chief Executive of SmartNewHomes comments: “An increasing number of new home builders across the across the country are realising the huge potential of the Internet for selling new homes. With over eighty housebuilders now using our website, it’s clear the industry as a whole is recognizing the Internet as a key communication medium.”