Renters (Reform) Bill set to be shelved – report

Landlords group expresses disappointment over its delayed enactment

Renters (Reform) Bill set to be shelved – report

The bill banning landlords from evicting tenants without a reason will not be enacted before Parliament shuts down for the election, according to a BBC report.

Sources from both the Conservatives and Labour confirmed to the BBC that despite ongoing discussions, the Renters (Reform) Bill will not be debated on Friday, meaning it will fall once Parliament is dissolved.

While Labour sources stated they would have supported the bill as it stood, despite seeking changes, another source said amendments to the bill would mean there was insufficient time to pass the legislation.

Responding to reports that the Renters (Reform) Bill has been shelved due to the general election, Ben Beadle (pictured), chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, expressed disappointment.

“If true, it is hugely disappointing that this bill will not now make it into law,” Beadle said. “The news comes despite the fact that the bill was in a state which would work for tenants and responsible landlords.

“There has been too much dither and delay in government, and a failure to be clear about how to ensure changes would work in practice. Critically, the market now faces yet more crippling uncertainty about what the future of the private rented sector looks like.

“Reforming the sector will be an important issue for the next government, and we will work constructively with them to ensure changes are fair and workable. That means empowering tenants to challenge rogue and criminal landlords while ensuring the confidence of responsible landlords to stay in the market.”

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