Quids in with New Year's resolutions

Research from the One account shows that smoking will be the

nation's number one vice to give up in 2004, with one in five adults

planning to stub out their last cigarette on New Year's Eve.

Chocolate comes a close second with 17% of adults planning to

beat their sweet toothed addiction.

The "One thing I'm Giving Up" survey also revealed:

· 12 million smokers in the UK spend in total £15.7 billion a year

on cigarettes. On average each smoker spends £109 on cigarettes

a month. By giving up and putting the equivalent cash into a One

account, a homeowner would save £20,972 in mortgage interest

and pay off their mortgage eight years and seven months early.

* The nation spends £3.9 billion on chocolate every year, with

the average chocoholic spending £22.84 a month on their favourite

bars. By beating their addiction and paying the cash saved into

their One account, a homeowner could save £8,443 in mortgage

interest and pay off their mortgage almost three years early.

* And those hoping to shed a few pounds in the New Year

revealed they are planning to adopt a healthier diet. In total 13%

of those surveyed admitting they'll be turning their nose up at takeaways

and fast food. The average junk food addict spends £50.87 a month on

fast food. Choosing the healthier option and paying the extra cash into


current account mortgage could save each homeowner more than £13,553

in mortgage interest and pay off their mortgage five years early.

* Shopaholics admit to spending £228 on unnecessary luxuries every


By only splashing out on the necessities and paying the saved cash into


One account could save each homeowner almost £29,714 in mortgage interest

and pay off their mortgage almost 13 years early.

The One account's communications manager James Duffell said:

"Quitting a vice, even if it's a few pounds a week, could save thousands


pounds and mean homeowners paying off their mortgage years early if they

put the money they'd saved against it.

"It does take perseverance to give up a bad habit but totting up the cash

savings, coupled with the thought of paying your mortgage off early,


provide ample incentive to go for it.

"The cash accumulated by quitting a vice soon adds up over the year into

a nice lump sum that can be put aside for a special treat like a holiday

or paid

straight into your mortgage

The research - which gathered the views of 2,000 adults across Britain -



* In total, 8% of adults plan to beat the bulge by giving up their daily

packet of

crisps for the New Year.

* People in Wales are most likely to quit smoking - 26% named cigarettes


their top vice to give up for the New Year.

* East Anglia is home to the most chocoholics with a almost a quarter of


surveyed admitting giving up chocolate is their top New Year's


* Nation-wide, women are more than twice as likely as men to give up

chocolate - 23% of women and only 11% of men named chocolate as their

favourite vice to give up for the New Year.

* The tables turned when it came to gambling with 4% of men hoping to

quit the

vice for the New Year compared with only 1% of women.

* People pledging to become teetotal in the New Year total 4% and 5% said

they would curb their spending habits when it came to shopping.