Quidos hits DEA milestone

In addition to the Assessors who have training through its ABBE-approved school, over 800 Accredited DEAs have now linked to the Quidos panel and 120 more have been accredited through the Quidos scheme since July 2007.

The firm launched DEA related services last year to supplement its growing property marketing business.

Following the integration of Quest’s DEA technology, Quidos believes is well placed to expand its offerings to meet the future demands of DEAs and the marketplace in general.

Philip Salaman, managing director of Quidos, said: “Quest’s technologies are utilised by the Quidos Accreditation Scheme, EPC report generation and panel software. We select our partners carefully and decided to use the Quest software as it is a leader in the HIPs sector.”

Quest’s EPC tools are used in the Quidos training programmes as well as being used by Quidos’ accredited DEAs to create and lodge actual EPCs whilst out on the move. The DEAs linked to the Quidos panel also receive electronic EPC instructions over the Quest system, enabling them to automate the process of delivery, completion and lodgement through one single system.

Tom Parker, managing director of Quest Associates, added: “As an approved Quidos’ technology partner, we have been able to work closely with the team to adapt our existing systems to meet their specific, individual needs.

“Our tools have been designed to help businesses and individuals achieve maximum benefits and returns from Home Information Packs and Energy Performance Certificates and we are pleased to have been able to work closely with Quidos on delivering a range of tools that complement the company’s existing IT infrastructure and business model.”